Looking for something out of the ordinary? You've come to the right place. We serve a daring sort of client—the kind who must be the first to be seen with the latest fashions. Find them all here, including the ones that haven't made it to the United States yet.

What you'll find at Polite Society is the most unique collection of fashion-forward selections available in Seattle. Each piece on our gallery floor was carefully curated from the most interesting emerging designers in Europe and around the world. Nothing we offer is timid or ordinary, and that's by design. From fresh apparel to unique accessories and hidden treasures, you're sure to find something here that will help you stand out from the crowd.

A global selection takes a global perspective, and our curators have been all around the world, meeting with young designers and taking in the new trends that have swept the European shows. We build our collections by building relationships. That means meeting with designers; learning their stories, where their art comes from and where it's going. For each piece in our collection, we can give you a complete history.

Our selection isn't for everyone, but it's a haven for those who have always been disappointed by the ordinary. By visiting us, you can be sure that you always stand on the forefront of fashion. The fashions that we carry today are the ones that will be taking the future by storm, and you can be one of the ones to be the first to wear it.

We're conveniently located right in downtown Seattle on First Avenue. Finding our tucked-away location is a bit of a challenge, but your adventure will be well worth the reward. If you're up to the challenge, look for us between Stewart and Virginia. We look forward to meeting every fellow traveler. So get that tattoo removed you think is unique and instead stand out from the crowd with one of a kind apparel.

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